Freshen up Your Website in 15 Minutes

Free 15

I’ve learned that creatives usually only have one or two gifts.

For example, I’m a word-junkie. I like to squeeze the goodness out of words and phrases, massage a passage till it shines. BUT. I am not a photographer, painter or dancer. My clay class in high school taught me that I can’t throw, so I stick with what I know!

Which is why, for the next 15 days, I want to collaborate with  you and other creatives–photographers, artists, designers, welders and all those in between. For 15 minutes, I want to sit with your words and leave you with a few fresh ideas for FREE. My hope is to see new friendships, partnerships and other ships can set sail from this idea and leave us all feeling a new kind of inspired.

How it works

Contact me sometime in the next 15 days saying you want a “Free 15.” I will draw one person each day. If you win, I sit with your website (or even just a specific page of your choosing) and then send you grammatical advice, word-changes and flow ideas. Completely free.

All I ask for is, if you like my work, spread the word. Social media love via Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest is all appreciated!

Looking forward to these next 15!


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