Past Work and Kind Words

I’ve had a blast working with a variety of individuals and organizations over the years.  Feel free to take a peek at some of my past projects.

Collegis Education/Rasmussen College
I help Collegis Education produce share-worthy articles  on all sorts of subjects for prospective and current students at Rasmussen College.
Article Example 1
Article Example 2

Campus Swap App
I helped Campus Swap, a start-up app company, develop sales language, marketing materials and website language. I also acted as the consulting marketing director for a time, helping them create an online presence with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Antioch Ministries North
I did a lot of listening and brainstorming with Antioch North on their vision and goals. We completed a ghost-writing project, and I truly look forward to collaborating on future projects for this sweet inner-city organization.

~ Kind Words~

“Anyone looking for a creative person full of energy and wonderful ideas, Megan would be a perfect fit for your next step to success!”–Stacy R, Dragonfly, small business owner

“Megan was one of the first freelance writers we hired to meet our content needs. She’s been a great addition to our team and has shown a real knack for writing compelling copy that is also optimized for SEO. She has never missed a deadline and never shied away from taking on extra work when asked.”–Jeff Roberts, head of blog content, Collegis Education

“Working with Megan was incredibly valuable to our organization.  She was able to take our big ideas and bring clarity to them, and help us communicate these ideas with more precision.  In addition, she was very timely in returning edits and making recommendations because of her clear and direct communication style.  In addition, her ability to listen to our vision for the project built a high level of trust immediately.”– Scott, Antioch Ministries North


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